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Shrink wrap documentation
Download files relevant to your requirements.

Shrink Wrap for encapsulation

     Use of shrink film for encapsulation and containment. Download SWIF009001_s.pdf

Shrink wrap for temporary roofs and weather protection

     Use of shrink film for temporary roofs and scaffold sheeting. Download swif007001_s.pdf

What can you use shrink wrap for?

     This document describes the some of the various projects that Shrink Wrap Pro has completed over the years. Download SWCF001004_s.pdf

Bow Roof Shed

     Shows the construction and covering of a Bow Roof shed used as a temporary work-shelter over a boat Download SWIF008001_s.pdf

Shrink wrap work shelter for hull repairs

     Shows an example of shrink film used to construct a work-shelter over the hull of a boat during repairs using epoxy. The temperature in the work-shelter was increased and held at 20 degrees centigrade over Easter to get the epoxy to set properly. Download SWCS012001_s.pdf

Shrink wrap for boat repairs

     Shows encapsulation of a 70ft boat hull for copper slag blasting and painting and a work-shelter over a boat. Download SWIF005002_s.pdf


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